Warming your body up is essential in any sport, regardless of whether you are training, or whether you are playing a full on game. When it comes to Volleyball, warming-up is important because of the number of muscles that are used, and the extent that they are used. You need to warm-up your legs, feet, stomach muscles and most importantly the arms and fingers. Warming your body up in Volleyball should be done slowly, and stretching needs to occur at the same time. If you don’t stretch before playing Volleyball you will end up with sore muscles afterwards. It’s vital to stretch after playing Volleyball too, as this removes the lactic acid that builds up.

Warm-ups for training can be done at any pace, in many different ways. Often just playing a simple game is a great way to get people motivated and into gear. However, warm-ups on a court can have a huge effect on your opponents. You want to look intimidating, as this will help to give your team the edge. I don’t mean that you have to be rude when it comes to spiking and hit balls at them, but you want a routine that looks professional and that works well. With this, they will see that you know what you are doing and will be intimidated.

Doing the skills that you would normally in a Volleyball for your Warm-ups are vital. Plenty of setting, passing and spiking is very well worth it, which is usually where pepper comes in. Warming your body up on a Volleyball Court is usually very standard, with spiking being done 5 minutes in, and then with serving being done too.

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