Volleyball is a very unique sport in many ways and as a result the skills needed to play well can take a bit of practice. There are really three main things that you do in Volleyball. One is passing the ball (which is usually the first hit), then the second is setting (which is usually the second hit) and the last is spiking (the third hit). Of course, blocking and diving, along with various other techniques are used too. Learning to pass in Volleyball can be one of the hardest things to do, because once you start playing very competitive Volleyball the balls come very quickly. Being able to move into position and then prepare yourself for the ball to hit your forearms before the ball gets too low is difficult, and takes a lot of practice.

Learning to Pass in Volleyball is best done through a variety of Passing Drills. Of course, you need to vary these with other drills otherwise it becomes too boring. Being able to pass well means that your team will have good defense, which is a massive part of Volleyball. Of course, being able to set and spike well is just as important, but in general if you don’t ever let a ball hit the ground on your side of the net then you will be at a higher level than your opponents.

Passing in Volleyball is done by putting your two hands together, to form a ‘V’. You keep your forearms straight at the elbow, and bend your knees when the ball is about to make contact. Most people put their palms together flat, and then fold them together, so that it is a flat surface. It is best practice to pass facing the direction you want the ball to go; if you don’t then you are more likely to shank the ball. Like anything, once you know what to do it is just a matter of lots and lots of practice!

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