Volleyball is a game that people play to have fun. While there is the competition of two opposing teams, neither team would be on the court unless they thought volleyball was a fun sport. Because they can be a lot of hard work, the best way to get your team to learn new skills with success is to try to use some fun volleyball drills. Drills by definition are hard. They are designed to teach the team certain skills, which can become very dull, leading to the team not really putting forth the effort to do them. Use some of these fun volleyball drills and you will see your team’s skills improve while they are having fun.


The three man weave drill is one of the fun volleyball drills that can really encourage teamwork. A set of 3 players are set up in a triangular formation, with the two players in front, players A and B, standing close to each other, while the third player, C, stands about 10 feet behind them. Player A then sets the ball high in the air, where C will position themselves under the ball to set it to player B. Player A then takes the place of player C, C moves to position B, and position A rotates back to position C. This is continued in a circle with each member setting the ball, then rotating to the next position. To make this a bit more interesting, have the whole team practice this drill together in small groups. Have the members of any site that drop the ball run suicides. The last team standing doesn’t have to do them.


Another one of the great fun volleyball drills is the Queen of the Court drill. The queen of the court pits teams of 2, 3 and 4 players against each other in free ball play. The first team to drop the ball or cause it to touch the ground is the losing team. If you pit up teams together so that everyone has a chance to play each other, then the last team standing would be considered the queen of the court. All other teams must then run lines or do suicides. This gives a sense of pride to the winners, while establishing teamwork for those who are facing the punishments.

Volleyball players really do sometimes find drills fun, depending on what they consist of. Players can definitely benefit from fun volleyball drills that help with diving to the floor. Diving to the floor can be an intimidating experience the first few times a deep dig is called for. By borrowing from the football team, you can help your team overcome this fear. Have the players run in place, then point to a direction. Without stopping, the team must all turn and continue running in place, facing the direction you pointed to. After a few turns, blow the whistle. This is the cue for the team to dive to the ground. After a couple of times of doing this, diving to the ground won’t be scary at all. Once the team is used to doing it, start making the last player who hits the deck run lines or do some other form of penalty. This will cause the team to start hitting the deck faster, and generally harder, thus removing any fear whatsoever for big digs during the game.


Fun volleyball drills, with the right amount of competition and penalties, can make practices a lot easier to enjoy for your team. Drilling them using enjoyable aspects can be rewarding in ways that you hadn’t thought possible before. Keeping leader boards will remind the team of who they need to beat in the next set of competitions, while the leader will have a sense of pride that comes with seeing their name on top. All of these tips for fun volleyball drills can be used in different ways around the court. Make these drills your own, change them up as needed, and remind your team that they are training because they enjoy the game they are playing.

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