For anyone who is hoping to be recruited to play volleyball on the collegiate level, attending volleyball recruiting tournaments is an important part of the overall process. These tournaments not only give you more insight into the world of college volleyball, a world that can be extensive and intimidating, but they also give you the following:

Exposure, exposure, exposure: In a nutshell, a college can’t recruit you if they don’t know you exist. Yep, it’s that simple. This is why attending volleyball recruiting tournaments is a must do for anyone who is hoping to be noticed. The more volleyball you play the more likely you are to be noticed by someone with influence, someone looking to add to his or her team. But, don’t limit yourself to just playing in tournaments, also play for your high school as well as competitive club teams. In short, play as often as you can.

Networking Possibilities: When it comes to college volleyball, networking is the name of the game. As mentioned above, coaches have to know who you are before they can actively seek you out. Volleyball recruiting tournaments are a great place to network, to get your name in circulation. You just never know who might hear it.

A Giant Stage to Show off Skills: Of course, volleyball tournaments are also an ideal place to show off your skills. These tournaments are crawling with college volleyball recruiting officials. This makes them a great stage to show the coaches and recruiters why you are a must have. You can go into a tournament being unknown, and leave being the talk of the gym.

But Keep in Mind: The volleyball rules that apply in general also apply at tournaments. During volleyball recruiting tournaments, coaches can not speak with you. The NCAA maintains recruiting rules that limit coaches’ ability to communicate during these times. Coaches are allowed to sit down and discuss you with a parent or legal guardian, but they are not allowed to speak with you, other than a simple nod or a hello. Thus, don’t feel bad if a coach seems to ignore you: they are watching, they are just not talking.

Volleyball tournaments are a great venue for both known and unknown players to show universities what they can do on the court. For anyone hoping to play at the collegiate level, playing at the tournament level is a step in the right direction.

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